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Music For Wedding Ceremonies – Ideas

Music For Wedding Ceremonies – Ideas


We have compiled a few helpful suggestions in case you are struggling to find the perfect song for your wedding day. Obviously there are so many types of songs that we could play and ultimately we feel the decision rests with you, we can only lend a helping hand.

Entrance of the bride – Keep it slower and steady. This song should just be one song only. We have brides frequently requesting two separate songs, one for her bridesmaids and one for when she walks in. Due to the logistics and smooth running we do not feel this lends itself well as a good entrance song (obviously designed to create the big wow factor) and can often sound a bit disjointed. On average the entire bridal party walk in is usually anywhere between 30 – 60 secs long, in some cases much shorter and very infrequently, longer. We would always start and finish the song at the most appropriate part of the song so all you need to do is enter in your own time.

Signing of the Register – We are fully aware that for civil ceremonies religious music is generally not allowed. This isn’t true in all counties though and some are much more flexible than others. However when we are asked to supply a list of songs to play at this point it is probably because your registrar needs to check we’re on the same page as them and understand there is no religious context either in our song title or the song itself. It is always just best to say that the quartet understand not to play anything with religious content. We are of course more than happy to help by sending lists as a last resort.

Exit music – Keep it UPBEAT! If we play something lively and upbeat, chances are we will be heard amongst the clapping as you are pronounced husband and wife, husband and husband, wife and wife etc etc… If you choose a slow romantic song, you just won’t hear it unless you have less than 50 guests. Again, we’ll start the song from the famous bit of it and tail it off until everyone has left the room or vicinity.

Here are some of our ideas for music for wedding ceremonies, some traditional classical, others modern, some a bit more eccentric. Take your pick!


Entrance of the bride:

Canon in D – Pachelbel (can’t go wrong with this one, so easy to start and stop and brilliant pace to walk with. It can be repeated too in case you need to run back for anything – we have had this happen!)

Wedding March – Wagner. Still a popular choice and again easy to top and tail as necessary.

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba – Handel. A nice upbeat traditional entrance song. Classy and sophisticated!

Air on a G String – Bach. Nice and gently with an air of sophistication. We all know this familiar tune too.

One day like this – Elbow. This has been really popular the last two years or so. A good one but we prefer others to play.

Arrival of the birds – Cinematic Orchestra. To avoid having to play nasty Einaudi, I think this is a good alternative.

Songbird – Eva Cassidy. Gorgeous tune and really pretty song for a bride.

A thousand Years – Christina Perry. Not one of our favourites but it’s a good one as the pace is steady.

She – Elvis Costello

Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros. A good pace on this, nice and steady but takes time to get going but we usually start further into the song to get the best bits in.


Signing of the Register:

(You really can choose anything at this point and go wild, or traditional…I always like a bit more personality here!)

Any of the above songs would be fine but here are some further suggestions:

Clair du Lune – Debussy

Intermezzo from Caveleria Rusticana – Mascagni

At Last – Etta James

Rule the World – Take That

Greatest Day – Take That

Beautiful Day – Take That

Fly me to the moon – Sinatra

Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

Gold Digger – Kanye West. Yes, we were actually asked to write an arrangement of this song for a wedding. It’s a really fab arrangement but only one to risk if you have the right sort of audience who will appreicate (the humour of) it being played!

We Found Love – Rhianna. This is a great arrangement, although not a song I love. It’s fab though if you want something a bit different.

Titanium – Sia/Guetta. Epic moments in our arrangement of this. It’s really nice but tricky violin part!



Wedding March – Mendelssohn

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba – Handel. Upbeat!

Ode to Joy – Beethoven. Famous and instantly joyous.

Sleeping Beauty Waltz – Tchkovsky. The famous waltz and pretty too.

Marry You – We don’t like this song particularly but for obvious reasons, it’s a popular one. However it is very upbeat and cheery.

One Day Like This. Not our favourite to play as an exit song, it’s quite a quiet song to play and difficult to be heard once guests start clapping but still popular.

Hoppipolla – Again, slow starting and not really upbeat but quite anthemy and stirring. Guests always ask us about this one!

Greatest Day – A nice one. Instant appeal and upbeat.

Beautiful Day – U2. A good fast paced upbeat one, clearly a good choice of lyrics to suit the occasion.


If you need help choosing music for your wedding ceremony do get in touch on 07957 423557.


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