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Layer Marney Tower

Layer Marney Tower

The last few weeks have seen Palatine String Quartet performing across several surrounding counties of London, including Surrey, Hertfordshire, Bucks, Essex and Kent. Palatine string quartet travelled a little further out into Essex borders at a lovely wedding venue, Layer Marney Tower, England’s tallest Tudor gatehouse located in the village of Layer Marney

The string quartet played for the wedding ceremony of Laura and Dan followed by a lovely drinks reception, the day and setting was beautiful. The string quartet were commisioned to play Highland Cathedral, a traditional Scottish melody for the couple’s recessional. Palatine string quartet wish Laura and Dan all the best for their future together and thank them for booking us for their special day!

England’s tallest Tudor Gatehouse, Layer Marney Tower stands within the Essex landscape, commanding views to the River Blackwater and beyond. Built in the reign of Henry VIII by Henry, Lord Marney, Layer Marney Tower is a statement house, that shows its original owner was rich, powerful and a friend of the King. The ornate terracotta decorations are of Italian design, the extravagant use of glass, diaper patterns in the brick work and its commanding height, add to its grandeur and importance.

Although this is a stunning and imposing building, Layer Marney Tower remains a family home, skillfully adapted for the perfect wedding venue in Essex. We also cater for receptions, conferences, parties, school groups in Essex all year round. In July and August we are open to general visitors on Sundays – Thursdays 12 noon – 5.00 p.m.  Check the events on our website to find a day best suited to your interests.

Visitors have been welcomed to Layer Marney Tower for over 500 years and we warmly welcome you to come and visit and find out more.


To Book Palatine String Quartet for your wedding at Layer Marney Tower, call 07957 423557.


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